JavaScript Versions

JavaScript is a modern scripting language that is popular worldwide among developers. It is a lightweight, interpreted compiled language that can be used on both client-side as well as the server side. It was invented in the year 1995 by Brendan Eich. Over the years the language has improved a lot and a lot of new features have been added which make the coding process even easier. This language became an ECMA standard in the year 1997.
JavaScriptVersion -
We will discuss the various versions, their features as well as the release date in the table below.
Version Name Release Year Features
ES1 ECMAScript 1 1997 Initial Release
ES2 ECMAScript 2 1998 Minor Editorial Changes
ES3 ECMAScript 3 1999 Added:
  • Regular Expression
  • try/catch
  • Exception Handling
  • switch case and do-while
ES4 ECMAScript 4 Abandoned due to conflicts
ES5 ECMAScript 5 2009 Added:
  • JavaScript “strict mode”
  • JSON support
  • JS getters and setters
ES6 ECMAScript 2015 2015 Added:
  • let and const
  • Class declaration
  • import and export
  • for..of loop
  • Arrow functions
ES7 ECMAScript 2016 2016 Added:
  • Block scope for variable
  • async/await
  • Array.includes function
  • Exponentiation Operator
ES8 ECMAScript 2017 2017 Added:
  • Object.values
  • Object.entries
  • Object.getOwnPropertiesDescriptors
ES9 ECMAScript 2018 2018 Added:
  • spread operator
  • rest parameters
ES10 ECMAScript 2019 2019 Added:
  • Array.flat()
  • Array.flatMap()
  • Array.sort is now stable
ES11 ECMAScript 2020 2020 Added:
  • BigInt primitive type
  • nullish coalescing operator
ES12 ECMAScript 2021 2021 Added:
  • String.replaceAll() Method
  • Promise.any() Method
ES13 ECMAScript 2022 2022 Added:
  • Top-level await
  • New class elements
  • Static block inside classes
ES.Next Dynamic name for upcoming versions
Note: Older versions of browsers do not support ES6.
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