IIS & Application Pool Questions

In this IIS section you’ll get a list of questions/answers which will clear your doubts on IIS And Application Pool. After reading these articles you will be able to know about the following questions.

  1. What is IIS?
  2. How to install IIS on window?
  3. Which default user is used by IIS?
  4. Key actions of Application pools
  5. How many sites can IIS handle?
  6. Detailed Steps to install and configure IIS.
  7. What is the role of “application pool” in IIS?
  8. How to Control Memory usages?
  9. Multiple configurations in “application pool” in IIS
  10. How to handle large number of requests and avoid 5XX internal error.
  11. What is Application pool in IIS?
  12. What is Role of Application Pool in IIS?
  13. How to add Application pool in IIS?
  14. Where can we change application pool?
  15. How to Control CPU usages in application pool?
  16. How to Control memory usages in application pool?
  17. Why do we need app pool in IIS?
  18. What does an application pool in IIS do?
  19. What is max pool size in IIS?
  20. Application Pool stopped but cannot start again.
  21. Application pool troubleshooting (Important points)
  22. IIS “application pool” advanced settings options:
  23. How to Control CPU and Memory usages
  24. How to handle large number of requests and avoid 503 “Server Unavailable” error.

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