How to enable 32-bit applications on IIS

In this article we’ll explain you ‘How to enable 32-bit applications on IIS’ with an example. Let’s check how to enable 32-bit applications in ‘Application Pool’ of IIS Server.

Basically in 64 Bit windows operating systems, by default 64 Bit .NET Framework is installed, and 64 bit worked process is used and when you try to deploy a 32-Bit only application on this IIS Server it results in an error. Error will appear like shown below:

How to enable 32-bit applications on IIS

How can we solve this error?

We can solve this error by explicitly telling the IIS server that which worked process is to be used. If your window operating systems is 32 bit and application is only 32 bits supportive then it will work without any settings. If operating systems is 64 bit and we are trying to run 32-bit only application, then “Enable 32-bit application” setting is required to run the application correctly.

Steps explains how to enable 32-bit applications on IIS

We have following ways to enable this setting on App pool.

  • Open IIS by typing inetmgr command in the window’s run.
  • After opening IIS, select ‘Application Pools’ option under the server’s name. You will get the list of available application pools as shown below.
How to enable 32-bit applications on IIS

  • Now right click on the Application Pool (Test app pool in my case) for which you want to enable 32 Bit applications and click on Advanced Settings option from the context menu.
  • In the Advanced Settings window, find out “Enable 32-Bit Applications” property, set it to True and click the OK button.
How to enable 32-bit applications on IIS

That’s all you have to do for this setting. I believe after reading this article you have gained understating of how to run 32 Bit only application on 64 Bit windows operating system.

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