ASP.NET Core Razor Pages Videos

In this article you’ll learn how to Create ASP.NET Core Razor Pages. Below videos will cover all fundamentals of core. We’ll explain you all by using one example below. Let’s check out now.

We’ll Create a Razor Pages web app using ASP.NET Core

This series of video tutorials explains you about the basics of building a Razor Pages web app. In this tutorial we’ll give you details of all folder structure, use of GET and POST of data in the application.

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages-Installation:

For the installation of Core with Visual Studio, you can refer our video HERE.

What are Razor Pages?

It is page-focused framework with clean separation of concerns. Razor pages allow you to create cross-platform, data-driven, server-side web pages. It is very easy to learn, one who is switching from WEB FORM can also work on this without any additional knowledge of Controllers/ Views.

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

Advantages of Razor Pages:

  • It is very easy to learn.
  • It uses Razor markup and C# language for development. It is also very Lightweight and flexible to use.
  • It has code behind page like web forms, so no dependency of controllers and view etc.
  • It supports cross-platform and can be run on Windows, UNIX, and Mac operating systems.

Code Sample:

Its HTML code will appear like this which will start with @page Directive and it must be the first directive on the page.


<h1>Hello, Let's Learn on </h1>
<h2>The time on our server is @DateTime.Now</h2>


Introduction to Core:

Creating new project using Core:

Explaining files and folder structure in core:

Use of OnGet Method and in build dependency Injection in core:

Use of OnPost Method and save data to DB table using core:

This is the first article of core series. Hope you enjoyed this article and learn something from it.

You can learn more on C# using our C# Section. For core you can refer Microsoft learn.

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