JavaScript Pipeline Operator

The JavaScript path operator ( |> ) is used to pass the value of an expression to a function. This operator makes string functions easier to read. This function is called the operator ( |> ), and any value used on the pipe operator is passed as an argument to the function. Functions are placed in the order they operate on arguments.


expression |> function

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Using the Pipeline Operator: Since the Pipeline Operator is an experimental feature and currently in a phase 1 proposal, there is no support for existing browsers and is therefore not included in Node. However, one can use Babel (JavaScript Compiler) to use it.


  • Before moving ahead, make sure that Node.js is installed.
  • Create a directory on your desktop (say pipeline-operator) and within that directory create a JavaScript file (say main.js).
  • Navigate to the directory and initialize the package.json file containing relevant information about the project and its dependencies.
    npm init
  • Install Babel to use the operator. The path operator is not currently part of the JavaScript language, babel is used to compile code to Node.
    npm install @babel/cli @babel/core 
  • To direct babel about the compilation of the code properly, a file named .babelrc is created with the following lines:
              "@ babel/plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator",
                  "proposal" : "minimal"
  • Add a start script to package.json file which will run babel:
    "start" : "babel main.js --out-file output.js && node output.js"
  • Run the code:
    npm start



// JavaScript Code (main.js)
function add(x) {
    return x + 10;
function subtract(x) {
    return x - 5;
// Without pipeline operator
let val1 = add(subtract(add(subtract(10))));
// Using pipeline operator
//first 10 is passed as argument to subtract
//function then return value is passed to
//add function then the value we get is passed to
//subtract and then value what we get is again
// passed to add function
let val2 = 10 |> subtract |> add |> subtract |> add;


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