JavaScript Comma Operator

Comma Operator (,) Primarily evaluates its operands from left to right sequentially and returns the value of the rightmost operand. The comma operator is used as a delimiter for multiple expressions at a location where only one expression is required. When placing the comma operator in an expression, it executes each expression and returns the rightmost expression.


Expression1, Expression2, Expression3, on

In the above syntax, multiple expressions are separated using a comma operator. During its execution, each expression will be executed from left to the right and the rightmost expression will be returned.

Example 1: Below is an example of the Comma operator.


function Func1() {
return 'one';
function Func2() {
return 'two';
function Func3() {
return 'three';
// Three expressions are
// given at one place
let x = (Func1(), Func2(), Func3());



Example 2: The most useful application of the comma operator is in loops. In loops, it is used to update multiple variables in the same expression.


for (let a = 0, b =5; a <= 5; a++, b--) {
console.log(a, b);


0 5
1 4
2 3
3 2
4 1
5 0

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Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
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