Visual Studio 2022: Quickly Reopen the Closed Files

Have you unintentionally closed a source code file and then realized you require it back? The alternative was to return to the solution explorer, locate the file, and reopen it. Not a challenging task, but occasionally it becomes! You have a more extensive solution and especially when you are in hurry to accomplish something. Visual Studio 2022 enables rapidly reopening the most recent document you have closed. You can open most recent closed file and follow the same process to open all previous files which you have closed. One by one you can open older files too.

How to do this Visual studio 2022

Right-click on Tab, now select “Restore Closed Tab “. Additionally, if you want, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+KCtrl+Z to reopen the closed file.

Quickly Reopen the Closed Files

“Restore Closed Tab” will display the most recently closed files without distracting you from any other aspect of the Visual Studio IDE.

If you wish to retrieve multiple closed documents, you can use the same method, and Visual Studio will display each closed document in the order they were closed.

How To track visual studio active files automatically?

Additionally, when working in a vast Visual Studio Solution with numerous projects, it becomes challenging to keep tabs on the files that are currently active or being worked on. Having a way to track this information would greatly assist us in understanding our progress within the solution or identifying the specific layer we are currently focusing on. If we cannot automate this process, we will have to manually scroll through the entire solution explorer in order to locate the files or conduct a search within the solution explorer for a particular file.

Navigate To Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General ->” Track Active Item in Solution Explorer” and check this option to turn ‘ON’ this feature of tracking active files automatically.

How To track visual studio active files automatically?

We hope above tips will help you in your daily development practices.

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