jQuery was first released in January 2006 by John Resig at BarCamp NYC. It is currently headed by Timmy Wilson and maintained by a team of developers. Nowadays, jQuery is widely used technology. Most of the websites are using jQuery.

jQuery had two main value propositions. The first was to provide an ergonomic API for manipulating a webpage. second, it provided powerful methods for selecting element and doing DOM manipulation.

Later, jQuery made it easier to introduce more advanced techniques such as animation and Ajax. jQuery has virtually become a standard dependency for websites. It still powers much of the internet. W3Techs estimates that approximately 74% of all websites use jQuery. jQuery management is also now more formal.

In 2011, the jQuery team officially founded the jQuery Board. In 2012, the jQuery Board founded his jQuery Foundation.

In 2015, the jQuery Foundation merged with the Dojo Foundation to form the JS Foundation, and then in 2019, the jQuery Foundation merged with the Node.js Foundation to form the OpenJS Foundation. jQuery is one of those “impact projects”.

Changing circumstances with jQuery

However, jQuery has lost popularity in recent years. GitHub removed jQuery from the front end of his website. Bootstrap v5 removes jQuery. This is because jQuery is Bootstrap’s “largest client-side dependency on regular JavaScript”. Several trends in web development have diminished jQuery’s reputation as an essential tool.

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