How To Fix Azure Functions Timer Trigger Unable to Start Running Locally with Vs2022 17 2 X Azurite

Lately my VS2022 (17.2.x) Azure Functions projects started failing to run locally. The local console had errors related to not being able to start any of the Timer Triggers.

The errors were of below format.:

The listener for function 'function name' was unable to start. Azure.Storage.Blobs: Service request failed.


This error is related to Azurite (the local Azure Functions runtime environment). The version of Azurite used by VS2022 is causing the problem. I was able to fix the issue by:

Closing Visual Studio

Installing the latest version of Azurite globally npm install -g azurite

Open Azure Storage Explorer and delete the azure-webjobs-hosts blob container associated with the local emulator.


Restart Visual Studio, run the Azure Functions project and the timer triggers are all good again.


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