In this post we’ll learn about the C# | String Format() method with the help of a detailed examples. The Format() method returns a formatted string based on the argument passed.

Important points of String.Format() method:

  • It is used to format the string output. (Refer below example)
  • It a static method and we have used the by class name String to call it.


String.Format(String format, Object...args);

Example: in Below example we have taken string format example. First parameter is main in which we have “Welcome to {0} {1}“. It means next two parameters will get replaced at {0} and {1} position respectively. Let’s see how it will work.

  • We have two format items {0} and {1}
  • Code Config” which is first parameter’s text, and it will come at {0}
  • website” which is second parameter’s text and will come at {1}.

 static void Main(string[] args)
            string name = "Code Config";
            // format string as below 
            string FormatedOutput = String.Format("Welcome to {0} {1}", "Code Config", "website");

C# | String Format()

String Format for Int in C#

Integer numbers can be formatted in .NET in many ways. Below example show how to align numbers with spaces or zeroes.

Add zeroes before int number in C#

String.Format("{0:00000}", 21);          // "00021"
String.Format("{0:00000}", -21);         // "-00021"

Align number to the right or left in C#

String.Format("{0,5}", 21);              // "   21"
String.Format("{0,-5}", 21);             // "21   "
String.Format("{0,5:000}", 21);          // "  021"
String.Format("{0,-5:000}", 21);         // "021  "

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